Discover An All Natural, Deep Stretch Solution For Drug Free Back Relief

The revolutionary at home traction device that stretches and decompresses the spine, providing immediate relief from lower back and leg pain.


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Patented Design


Turn Back The Clock On Daily Aches And Pains

The data shows nearly 80% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their life. With the WonderBack® Pro's 3-point system anyone can reverse the impact of sports injuries and sitting too much. It works through manually alleviating tension in the back and spine for deep, lasting relief reversing the impact of daily aches and pains.

WonderBack® Pro provides immediate results in relieving tension and freeing up stubborn joints and muscles. The instant your body presses onto the foam Massage Roller, you will feel the deep-stretching benefits.

The WonderBack® Pro Solution

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 The WonderBack Pro

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Meet the Inventor: John Abdo

Hi, I’m John Abdo. I’m known as the fitness industry’s go to guy. I have over three decades of experience helping people transform their bodies and lives. Now I’m back with my newest invention, the WonderBack® Pro! After working with thousands of athletes, I realized the traditional stretching and icing treatments for back pain just aren’t enough-and for good reason. They don’t treat the cause of the problem! That’s why I created a product that’s easy to use and transport that decompresses the tension in the back and spine through gravity-assisted deep stretching. Get a lifetime of drug free therapist quality treatment with a product that packs small and provides big, lasting relief in just minutes a day.

                                           John Abdo Inventor, 

                                          WonderBack® Pro

Relieve Back Pain - Easy as 1-2-3

How The WonderBack® Pro Works

The WonderBack® Pro works by providing instant and all natural relief from back aches and tightness by using gravity and the dual directional roller to naturally and safely stretch the spine! Experience traction-based stretching without the 4-figure cost of traditional traction tables.

The WonderBack® Pro Advantage

Compact Size



to operate


 arcing motion

Stretches back 

and other 

muscle groups

User has 

full control


decompression +




Naturally, Decompress The Spine To Roll Back Damage Done By Sitting: Here’s How

But don’t just take my word for it. 

Hear what a licensed kinesiotherapist has to say about The WonderBack® Pro.

Therapists Recommend The WonderBack® Pro: Hear Why

The 6-Key Secrets To Lasting Relief

Control The Stretch

Control the depth of every stretch and decompress the spine at a safe and controlled pace.


Targeted Muscle Release

The concave roller works the muscles, not the spine, letting gravity decompress the vertebrae naturally.


Easy Use For Any Age

WonderBack® Pro's design works for everyone getting them the pain relief they want, drug-free!


Suitable For All Body Types

WonderBack® Pro works for athletes, therapists, and the average person alike! No matter body type or fitness level anyone can enjoy lasting relief.


It Saves You Money

Enjoy a lifetime of relief for less than the cost of a single session with a physical therapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist!


It’s Lightweight And Easy To Store

WonderBack® Pro is incredibly light, easy to transport, and sets up and breaks down within 60 seconds so it goes anywhere with ease.


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Discover the 6 ‘go-to’ features that set the WonderBack® Pro apart from the competition.

Our three-point system represents the newest technology in back pain relief. It works to help release the deepest muscle tightness with all-natural traction-based stretching that is in your control-see how below.

Control the depth of the stretch with an easy to use lever system.

Experience natural deep spine decompression with the cushioned dual-direction roller. 

Experience instant relief, faster recovery, and FINALLY be pain free!




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Other Products Just Don’t Compare: Here’s Why

WonderBack® Pro is becoming the ‘go-to’ deep stretching option that athletes, therapists, and regular people turn to for back relief-and for good reason! It’s easy to use, packs small, and costs a fraction of what the competitors do!

Get relief for ongoing backaches and discomfort without spending a ton, using a lot of space, or requiring help getting in and out of! Finally, loosen up the muscles causing back pain and start feeling better in just minutes a day with WonderBack® Pro.